This will be brief, because Passover is almost over, and because the title pretty much says it all. If it’s name doesn’t convince you that you should stop whatever you’re doing and make this now, nothing I can say will. Wait, maybe there is something I can add: it’s easy and quick. It’s funny, and quite ironic, that after I wrote about what I claimed to be the only dessert recipe you’ll ever need, what do I post but another dessert, right on its heels. But it’s relevance is quickly fading, and anyways, it’s more of a snack really.


Click here for the recipe for this dangerously addictive treat, and for pictures prettier than mine.

Recipe Notes:

Sometimes I follow recipes a little too closely. So when David Lebovitz instructed to “line the bottom of the sheet with matzoh, breaking extra pieces as necessary to fill in any spaces,” I spent an unnecessary amount of time trying to precisely cut the matza so that they were evenly covering the entire surface of my baking pan. Anyone who’s tried this knows just how impossible it is (unless you’re Japanese). I was worried that if I left gaps between my matza, the caramel might leak through. Well, my pan did have gaps and no, the caramel didn’t leak, but rather stayed on the matza just fine, so lucky you, I just saved you a very aggravating five minutes. You can thank me later.

Want more flourless dessert ideas? Deb’s got 17 (!) and they all look incredible!

Although we’re still wearing our coats, every day now another tree bursts into bloom, signaling spring. This one is right across the street from our house. In the mornings, I open the curtains and my heart breaks just a little, from the glorious beauty of it all.