Hi there! Just wanted to share a few links to things I’ve enjoyed recently:

This article. (via Gluten-free Girl)

Mark Bittman’s 10 easy, creative semi-vegan recipes. I’m always impressed by his unending wealth of ideas. (via The Kitchn)

How ridiculously easy is it to make rice milk?! (Thanks, Shelly!)

This salad is gratifying in so many ways- from the buttery, creamy avocado rubbing against the tart, juicy grapefruit, to the fact that armed with one of each, plus a lime, some cheese and cilantro, you’ve got yourself dinner. Oh, and did I mention its simple beauty on the plate?

Loved this video by White on Rice Couple.

Off topic: I recently stumbled upon this piece by Sam Shepard. I had forgotten how much I enjoy his prose, how it manages to shake me right out of my skin. I loved Cruising Paradise, worth a buy for the dreamy title and matte gold cover alone. Careful, though, it will get you itching to hit the road.

Here’s hoping this weekend brings us all a little taste of paradise.